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A New Place To Call Home

The last time you moved, do you remember how difficult and stressful it was to clean your new home while tripping over boxes and furniture?

You wouldn’t want to unpack any of your belongings or even bring your boxes and furniture in to your new home before it had a thorough cleaning, would you?
Do you have time to clean your new home on moving day? Do you need the added stress? Wouldn’t you rather move into a clean house?

In 3 easy steps, the stress of moving and cleaning your new home can be reduced.

Step 1: Arrange for at least 1 day where you have possession of both residences – old and new.

Step 2: Schedule Wee Mop-Its to give your new home the thorough cleaning it deserves – after the old tenants move out and before you move in.
Please schedule additional time, if your new home needs Wee Mop-Its’ “Extra” services.

Step 3: Move in to a professionally cleaned, healthy Wee Mop-Its “Fresh Start” Home. At Wee Mop-Its,
we specialize in a complete and thorough cleaning.

Want to sell your home faster?
Hire Wee Mop-Its to professionally clean your current home on closing day. With a Wee Mop-Its “Fresh Start Home” sign in your yard, your “For Sale” sign will stand out from the crowd.