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Date: 09/12/11
fishingIn Feb. 2010, I had a car accident. While healing, I was unable to do anything around my home. With a husband, son, and father all living in the same home with me, things weren’t being cleaned to my standards.

I then discovered Miss Faye, from Wee Mop-Its.

Faye came to look at my home and the work that was needed. As the accident benefits were to pay for the housekeeping, Faye sat down with me to learn where my priorities were and to calculate what could be accomplished -within the insurance company’s budget. We discussed the schedule to determine what would need to be done weekly and what would be better done on a one-week-on one-week-off basis.

We also discussed the cleaning methods she would use, as well as the cleaning products. The fact Wee Mop-Its uses all natural, eco-friendly products was extremely important to me, as we have both hairy pets and scaly pets in our home.

The first time Faye and Wee Mop-Its came to clean my house, it took longer than I expected… 1) because it had been at least 2 months since I had been able to do any housework myself, and 2) because Faye wanted to do a thorough job.

It was very difficult to sit and watch someone else clean my home. I felt like I needed to get off my seat and help out, but Faye reassured me that it was best for my health to leave the task to her capable hands. I had to have faith in Wee Mop-Its to do the job.

I certainly was not disappointed! When Faye and Wee Mop-Its were finished, my house was CLEAN! It smelled fresh, but not chemically. The dog hair was gone. The floors were clean. The razor stubble was off the bathroom counters and the tub was shiny. Faye was even brave enough to steam-mop the reptile room floor to a sparkling clean that did not require any cleaning products.

I started out feeling bad about not helping with the cleaning and embarrassed that someone had to come in and clean my home. I ended up looking forward to the weekly visits by Wee Mop-Its. I could finally relax knowing my house was clean, smelled fresh, and did not require any straining of my injuries.

Not only did Wee Mop-Its deliver a fresh, clean home, they lowered my stress level as I no longer had to worry about the health of my home or my pets.

Sincerely, Cindy M

Three Wishes B&B, from Barrie,  wrote:

Could not be happier with this company. I needed to do a spring cleaning before my B&B opens for the busy season ahead and needed help. Faye and her team were thorough and wonderful to work with. Will definitely use them again for annual cleanings.


 Nancy W., from Orillia,  wrote:

Since November 2009, Wee Mop-Its has been cleaning our home every two weeks. Faye has employed reliable and cheerful service and used products that are environmentally friendly. She has always been punctual, efficient and our home really sparkles when she is through. Wee Mop-Its have been a delight to employ!


Christine Steele, from Barrie ,  wrote:

“Wee-Mop’its” a company that will clean your office or home with care! I always prided my-self in taking care of my home, keeping it clean and tidy. I always used products that were environmentally friendly and safe for me my family and pets. These were things that were very important to me. When I tidied and cleaned I did so with great care and pride in my work; this was my home after all. Then came the day, I needed help, due to life circumstances in order to maintain my home. Who could I trust, to do the kind of job I would, and with an equal amount of dedication? The answer it came, indeed it did, but not before having to go through several trials first. At long last I found “Wee-Mop-its” this company had promise and so I hired them to do one job for me to see if the service they provided was what I needed and this is how it went; I came home after the first time they cleaned and as I entered the hallway and looked around, I was taken aback by the freshness, by the cleanliness of the place, it sounds funny but it really had a sparkle. I was pleased! Over the next few days I would notice lots of little details that had been attended to as well; it was not just the big things that were taken care of. There was such an attention to detail, I was astonished and oh so pleased. It was such a pleasure to be in my home and reap the rewards of tidiness and cleanliness without the stress of it all. A couple of years have passed since then and I have used “Wee-Mop-Its” on a regular basis and their work never ceases to delight. I could not give them a high enough praise, suffice it to say “with everything they do the results show that they care” One could not ask for anything more. “Thank you Wee-Mop-Its”