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House CleaningPlanning an event at your home, whether it is a birthday party, office dinner, or gathering with friends, can be stressful, especially when you worry about how you are going to get your house cleaned in time. Instead of letting this weight sit on your shoulders, at Wee Mop-Its, we believe that our house cleaning services are the right fit for your needs for several reasons.

First, we realize that when you have a special event held at your home, you want everything to be extremely clean. Our professional house cleaning team will go above and beyond to make sure your home is thoroughly clean before leaving. We will also pay special attention and follow any instructions you might have for us.

Second, we will work around your schedule. We guarantee that we will show up when we say we will and stick to your pre-determined house cleaning plan, so you do not have to worry whether your home will be cleaned by the time your guests arrive.

Third, we will only use eco-friendly house cleaning products when we clean your home. These chemicals do not emit harmful toxins into the air and protect your health and the health of your guests. Plus, they do not harm the environment!

Finally, we can also clean up your home after all of your guests leave. This way, you can sit back, relax, and reminisce on all of the good times you had instead of burdening yourself with taking out the trash, sweeping the floors, and other cleaning tasks.