Office Cleaning, Barrie, ON

Enjoy a cleaner, healthier office space with our help.

Office Cleaning servicesChi is the “energy flow” of every living thing.  In an office environment, the energy flow is critical in order to get anything accomplished. A clean office environment projects a professional image to your clients and improves energy flow among employees.

At Wee Mop-Its, we are office cleaning specialists. Whether your office requires daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, spring or fall, pre or post-party, or special occasion cleaning, let us customize a program to suit your business.  From the reception area to the restroom, start your day with a clean office after our office cleaners visit.

Our cleaners use eco-friendly products to sanitize and freshen up all surfaces. We realize the importance of caring for the environment, and many traditional cleaners today contain harmful substances that can compromise your health and the health of your employees. This is just one of the ways we promote a clean, eco-friendly environment within your workspace.

In addition to using eco-friendly cleaners, we strive to provide you with the best experience possible. This starts by coming up with an office cleaning plan that works with your schedule and the schedules of your employees. We will always come in and clean at a time that does not disrupt your work schedule or any part of your daily operations. Additionally, we will clean whatever surfaces and spaces you need. Simply let us know what type of cleaning you need us to provide and when, and we will go above and beyond your expectations.

Our office cleaning services include:

  • Vacuum all carpeting and mop all hard surfaces
  • Dust and polish all furniture
  • Dust all desks (paper/file free)
  • Dust high areas and air conditioning vents
  • Dust windowsills and baseboards
  • Clean light fixtures, mirrors, etc.
  • Clean and sanitize restrooms
  • Clean reception area and foyer
  • Clean kitchen and lounge areas
  • Collect and remove trash and recycling
  • Disinfect doorknobs, telephones, and light switches


  • Blind cleaning
  • Pre-move-in thorough cleaning

With our office cleaning services, you maintain a better office environment that promotes enhanced productivity and collaboration among your employees. Our office cleaning services also make sure you do not have to think about keeping your office clean, so you can focus on enhancing your operations and success. We do a comprehensive job at every appointment to ensure your operations continue to benefit from our approach to office cleaning in Barrie, Ontario.

Our goal is to leave you with a fresh, clean office space every time we visit. This starts with a consultation with our team at Wee Mop-Its to set up an individualized cleaning schedule and plan. For more information, contact us today!